Thank you to our generous donors.

Every dollar makes a difference. Together, we’re honoring the life-saving, globally important contributions of Henrietta Lacks. We’re telling some of the hidden stories of Roanoke’s history.

With the support of the following individuals and organizations, we have reached more than half of our goal. Every dollar counts. Please join these local leaders.

Platinum Level
– Carilion Clinic, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, and Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech
– City Of Roanoke

Silver Level
– Bill & Diane Elliot

Bronze Level
– R. P. Fralin, Inc.
– Sam Lionberger
– David Wine

Davida Basham
Michael Belcher
Christine Brinckerhoff
Brenda Chapman
Richard Chubb
Gloria Christen
Eleanor Clark
Dorothy Clifton
Joseph Cobb
Beverly Coleman
Patricia Cox
Gary Creasy
Virginia Danz
Myra Dendy
Helen Dixon
Jo Lynn Draper
Alice Duehl
Dr. William Fintel
William Floyd
James Fralin
Carol Geller
Hilda Getz
Marjorie Glasscock
Anna Goltz
Marie Grewe
Laura Hagan
Brenda Hale
Patricia Hales
Brenda Hamilton
Douglas Jackson
Hulannie Jenkins
Matthew Keele
Linda Kirkwood
Decca Knight
Ronald Lanier
Karen Loudon
Judith Marlow
Howard McConnell
Dr. Meredith McGrath
Kenneth McLeod
Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation
Barbara Mudrinch
Sue Nussbaum
Leslie O’Brien
Sunny Shah
Cyrus Pace
Lillie Patterson
Dianne Peters
Theresa Pleasant
Glenn Phillips
Sarah Rawz
Mary Redus
Stephanie Moon Reynolds
Virginia Savage
Joel and Frances Schneid
Vanetta Stockton
Maxine Thomason
Suzanne Thorniley
Anthony Wade
Sue Williams
Denita Wray